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Multipurpose handle covers home decor and accessories


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Uploaded by All about Kovers on April 12, 2019


*This multipurpose handles cover is economically friendly, multifunctional, durable, easy to install, washable and both sides of this cover are useable.
* You may use the other side of the cover to save time and cleaning supplies. The fabric and quilt batting are super absorbent.
*It can be ironed if needed. It is easy to repair because it is made of cotton fabric. It will eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.
*You will use less paper towels, or cleaning wipes and water. It will protect your valuable appliances from getting faded and keeps them scratch free.
*This multi purpose cover can be used on any handle to protect, keep clean and provide comfort. The benefit of this multipurpose cover is extraordinary.

* 13x5.5 inches set of 3


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