CA Series-330CA30 PEEK Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

CA Series-330CA30 PEEK Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
600 Pieces
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CA Series-330CA30 peek fc carbon fiber reinforcement is suitable for the production of bushing seals and other products, can be faster from the bearing surface heat dissipation, at the same time has a high thermal deformation temperature 336 ° C , also can maintain strength at high temperature, to a certain extent, can replace metal materials.

Specification of CA Series-330CA30 PEEK Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Material Properties Test Method Conditions Units 770G
Mechanical Data
Tensile Strength ISO 527 B reak,23? MPa -
Y ield,23? MPa 100
Tensile Elogation ISO 527 Break,23? % 45
Flexural Strength ISO 178 Break,23? MPa -
Y ield,23? MPa 165
Fleoural Modulus ISO 178 23? Gpa 4.1
Compressive Strength ISO 604 23? MPa 125
Charpy Impact Strength ISO 179/leA Notched kJm-2 7
ISO 179/IU Unnotched kJm-2 -
Izod Impact Strength ISO 180/A Notched kJm-2 7.5
ISO 180/U Unnotched kJm-2 -
Mould Shrinkage ISO 294-4 Along flow % 1
Across flow % 1.3
Thermal Data
Melting Point ISO 11357 ? 343
Glass Tansition Tg ISO 11357 Onset ? 143
Special Heat Capacity DSC 23? kj kg-1?-1 2.2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ISO 11359 Along flow below Tg ppm K-1 45
Along flow above Tg ppm K-1 120
Heat Deflecion Temperature ISO 75A-f 1.8Mpa ? 152
Thermal Conductivity ASTM C177 23? W m-1K-1 0.29
MeltIndex ISO 1133 380?,5kg g10min-1 10
Density ISO 1186 Crystalline gcm-3 1.3
Amorphous gcm-3 1.26
Shore D Hardness ISO 868 23? 85
Water Absorption3.2mm thick Tensile Bar ISO 62-1 24h,23? % 0.07
by immersion Equilib riu m,23? % 0.4
Electrical Data
Dielectric Strength IEC 60243-1 2mm kV mm-1 23
Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112 V 150
Dielectric Constant IEC 60250 23?,1kHz 3.1
23?,50kHz 3
Loss Tangent IEC 60250 23?,1MHz 0.004
Volume Resistivity IEC 60093 23?,1V ? cm 10 16
275? ? cm 10 9

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