Made in the USA is dedicated to creating
and keeping jobs in the USA.

American-based manufacturing has made a rapid comeback in recent years. As many large and
small U.S. Suppliers bring back their manufacturing to the USA, the goal of is
to bring you a simple way to discover 1000's of products in 100's of categories that are
stamped Made in the USA.

"When you source products from USA-based manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors,
you are supporting the U.S. economy and helping to create and keep jobs in the United States."
  • Easily identify products Made in the USA.
  • Look for the Made in the USA icon on product listings.
  • You can also narrow your search results to show only Made in the USA products.
  • Do you have products Made in the USA?
  • If so, submit your products into the channel.
  • Buyers will be able to easily find your products and connect with you.

Made in the USA

The Made in the USA service mark and search options are your gateway to finding American-based suppliers. All suppliers who display the service badge or are displayed in the Made in the USA search results, have represented and warranted that their products meet the highest standards for Made in the USA products, in accordance with the guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission. is your gateway to USA-based factories.
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