We understand trade. We understand trade barriers.

Global Trade Based in the USA

For over a decade, trade platforms from Asia have dominated the market with international suppliers
flooding the inboxes of businesses and consumers. The focus of these platforms have traditionally
been based on the seller, while neglecting what's most important, reliable and safe trade for buyers. is not a website. It is a platform.

Our buyer/supplier services and network allow for...

...Manufacturers, Exporters & Wholesalers
from around the world to connect with Verified
Supplier Pass® businesses in our secure admin.

...Supplier matching services at the largest USA based
trade shows such as: ASD, The National Hardware Show,
Magic and the Off Price Show.

All your logistics services provided by one
source. Whether you need warehousing,
shipping, or fulfillment, we can help.

If you are a supplier ready to sell your products
to large retailers, our team can evaluate your
products and make buyer introductions.

We will arrange factory introductions when you
travel abroad and make sure you are able to
communicate your product requirements effectively.

Members are invited to particpate in our
supplier matching events, as well as, our sourcing
seminars with industry professionals.

The spirit of entrepreneurialism is what supports.

Protecting the safety of the buyer is what we covet.

Promoting safe trade is what we strive for.

Whether you are an inventor looking to prototype the worlds next game changing widget, a
small business in need of new suppliers, or a large Fortune 1000 company in need of
sourcing and procurement - will dedicate its resources, relationships
and knowledge to steering you in the right direction. is based out of the largest wholesale
district in the USA, Los Angeles, CA and the busiest shipping port.

Our insight into the supply and demand of global trade and understanding of the issues that may occur when a buyer purchases from an "unreliable" supplier, enables us to provide buyers with the necessary resources to identify credible suppliers to fulfill their buying and or manufacturing needs.
Our relationships with government entities - domestic and international - as well as industry associations allow for to be recognized as leader and authority in safe trade. Buyers can feel confident when purchasing from our verified suppliers who have been awarded a Supplier Pass®.
Partnered with the largest merchandise trade shows in the USA, both buyer and supplier members of receive special access to our sourcing events, supplier matching services, interpreter services and trade managers during each of the shows we attend including, ASD, MAGIC, National Hardware Show, Off Price Show and the Miami Wholesale Expo.

We encourage safe trade in all we do and support
U.S. manufacturing while working to break trade barriers.
Trade needs to be balanced and equal in order for all to succeed.