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"When my company became verified I immediately received more contact from buyers and have developed many into new customers since then."

Jordan Xiong - Global Imports, Inc

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With Premium Membership suppliers maximize the features and benefits has to offer resulting in more sales. More sales, equal a higher
return on your investment and increased opportunities to connect with buyers.
Verified Company Profile
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Get real time statistical
reporting to understand your
product performance and
optimize your product listings.

Showcase an unlimited
amount of products and videos
to maximize your visibility and
company highlights.

Gain popularity and trust by
promoting your social media
sites directly within your
company profile page.

Only Premium Members can apply for a Supplier Pass®

A Supplier Pass® is awarded to suppliers who have passed an authentication
& verification process. Buyers can identify this elite group of suppliers by the
Supplier Pass® icon displayed within their listings.

Present your products to the world with your Online Showroom.
Open your doors to buyers worldwide.

Create unlimited listings and have
your products viewed on 1000's
of buyer searches per day.

Stand out with videos and links
to your social media networks
on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Gain confidence and buyer trust
by highlighting your important
business information.

Upload your products by category,
making it easy for buyers
to find what they need.

Access a complete suite
of data & analytics
and monitor your ROI.

Premium Members are able to connect with more buyers, faster.

Only Premium Members have access
to buyer contact information

As a Premium Member you are able to see the
contact information of buyers who are searching
and sourcing for products you carry. Having the
capability of emailing or calling a buyer directly
provides an advantage over free members who
must wait for a buyer to respond back to them
before connecting.

Premium Members get instant
access to quote product requests

As a Premium Member you are able to quote
product requests and connect with buyers as soon
as the product request is posted. Free members
must wait 30 days in order to quote a product
request posted by a buyer. This is a huge advantage
to Premium Membership as most product requests
are fulfilled and orders placed within the first 30
days of being posted.

Premium Members are able to
create sub-accounts for their staff

As a Premium Member you have the capability of
creating sub-accounts with varying levels of
administrative access for your employees. You can
control who has access to manage your product
listings, respond to buyer inquiries and reporting
analytics. This is an important feature in particular
for suppliers to manage staff accountability and
maximize all opportunities to connect with buyers.

Only Premium Members are able
to maximize their exposure with
Premium Services

As a Premium Member you are able to promote
your company and your most popular items with
Banner Ads, Featured Listings, and
Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Banner Ads allow you to create a visual of a
product that will entice additional buyer traffic to
your online showroom. There are several types of
banner ads available. Banner ads are displayed in
high traffic areas across
Banner Ads are available on a first come,
first serve basis.

Featured Listings are very popular with suppliers
looking to maximize the amount of exposure a
particular product listing receives. A featured
listing is given the highest level of priority
placement on search result pages. Featured
Listings are spots 1-5 on a search result page and
are highlighted by a border around the product
listing. In short, Featured Listings receive more
buyer traffic than all other listings.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is preferred by suppliers
who want buyers to be directed to a specific landing
page of their e-commerce or business website. This
is a pay-for-performance service, meaning that you
only pay for the buyers that click on your listings.
Buyer traffic is sent directly to your website. Suppliers
bid on priority placement for product keywords. The
higher the bid, the higher your listing appears in the
search results. Suppliers can bid for priority position
in both Product and Supplier search results.