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DEGONG equipment
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Hot selling 1000L whiskey gin copper alcohol distillation equipment alcohol column distiller

Hot selling 1000L whiskey gin copper alcohol distillation equipment alcohol column distiller
USD 60000.00 - 80000.00
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1 Sets
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2 Sets per Month

Product Description

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Designed for work: Designed for doing anything, it may be okay in everything, but it performs well in doing nothing. High-quality brewing equipment is designed for specific spirits i.e. vodka and whiskey and specific results i.e. volume, flavor and cleanliness of the spirits, etc..

Visual appeal: distiller, distillation tower and condenser may be the visual center of your winery. Equipment design, manufacturing quality, and any artistic decoration added to the equipment are critical to creating the look and feel you want your customers to feel from your operations.

Operational safety: When using poor-quality, improperly inspected or improperly operated equipment, the activity of distilling alcohol is inherently dangerous. There is no shortcut to the construction of high-quality brewing equipment. The equipment you choose for the winery should be manufactured in accordance with standards that exceed industry norms and should include all appropriate safety mechanisms to alert you when potential problems arise.


Every Deutsche distiller is designed with a standard flange between the distiller and the distillation head. This allows you to swap heads between batches to distill different spirits. Choose from our list of standard stills. Or, we will customize the head to meet your specific needs. Where applicable, each distillation head is designed with the following functions:

When the distiller is closed, the perforated plate as opposed to the bubble cap prevents liquid from remaining on the plate, which also facilitates cleaning.

The fractionation tower can more accurately control the reflux of single-pass injection.

The boiling ball allows reflux to clean the alcohol before entering the dish, increasing the proof of alcohol and preventing the dish from flying away.

You can install multiple rows of vodka side by side or distill your own neutral grain spirits. This design allows for a space-saving solution and simple operability especially where the vertical height of the column needs to be considered.