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Plastic Parts

Plastic Parts
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Product Description

ABS Plastic Parts

ABS plastic is a kind of tough, hard and rigid material with easily available raw materials. This kind of cnc machine for plastic products has good comprehensive performance, low price, and wide range of uses. ABS plastic has been widely used in different industries.

Polycarbonate Parts

As we all know, Polycarbonate PC is a very transparent thermoplastic polymer, which is fit for CNC machining services and cnc machining plastic parts.

CNC Processing Rubber

The rubber industry is one of the important basic industries of the national economy. It not only provides people with daily-use, medical and other light industrial machined plastic components that are indispensable for daily life.

Polyurethanes Parts

Speaking of Polyurethanes, it is a big family of polymers which is ranging properties and uese on the basis of reaction product of an organic isocyanate. Main applications are in coatings, elastomers, foams and other plastic machinery parts.

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