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Portable Mini Hot Air Blower Industrial Electric Heater

Portable Mini Hot Air Blower Industrial Electric Heater
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Product Description

Portable industrial hot air blower are generally composed of four parts: a heater, a fan, a temperature control system, and a cabinet.

The heater part is made of pure 2080 nickel-chromium high-efficiency heating wire, high-quality high-temperature stainless steel casing, lightweight crystal insulation fiber blanket, 95 porcelain wiring board and other components. It has the characteristics of fast heating, small thermal inertia, precise temperature control and long service life. Our heater core components use imported pure 2080 nickel-chromium alloy materials, some industrial enterprises have selected iron-chromium-aluminum heating materials, nickel-chromium materials, reclaimed silk, or inferior nickel-chromium wire to impersonate 2080 pure nickel-chromium wire, thereby reducing production. Cost. In application, generally used in three months or six months, the durability, stability, heat generation, accuracy and other aspects of the two products will have essential differences, which may lead to the loss of maintenance value of the product. Causes a production safety incident.

The fan part is uniquely designed with low noise, can recycle hot air, and is energy efficient. Different wind pressure fans can be configured according to the actual needs of the user, which is flexible and practical. The fan air volume can be adjusted according to production needs.

The hot air blower is suitable for heating and drying of the plant, heat source equipment in the drying room and heating in a small air flow area. Various industrial plants, workshops, steelmaking, coal mine heating and heating, preheating heating and drying of various construction sites, drying of pipeline anti-corrosion inner walls, speeding up the drying of paints, heating and warming in winter construction sites, preheating of machines Warm up. Chemicals, plastics and other products are dry, food is dried after cleaning, and heat shrinkable packaging has examples of use.

Technical details

Airflow 05.5m3/min adjustable

Temperature 0350 ?

Weight 9KG

Voltage: 220V or 380V

Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz