great demand for Auxiliary machine

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Dear Sales Managers,

We have great demand for Auxiliary machine:

Computing machines and pocket-sized data recording, reproducing and displaying machines with computing functions; accounting computers with computing devices, postage stamping machines, ticket vending machines and similar machines; cash registers
Automatic data processing equipment and its components; magnetic or optical readers not listed in other taxable items, machines that transcribe data to data recording media in code form, and machines that process these data
All office equipment except postal letter sorting and packaging equipment and typewriters
Parts and accessories except covers, suitcases and similar products dedicated or mainly used for machines listed in tax headings 84.70 to 84.72
Machines for the classification, screening, separation, washing, crushing, grinding, mixing or mixing of soil, stone, ores or other solid including powdered and slurried minerals; solid fossil fuels, ceramic mud, unhardened cement, gypsum Cohesion or forming machines for materials or other powdery or slurry mineral products; forming machines for sand molds for foundry
Machine for manufacturing optical fiber and its preform
Money Exchange Machine
Parts of the coin exchange machine
Injection machine
Blow molding machine
Vacuum molding machines and other thermoforming machines
Other molding or forming machines
Three-dimensional printer 3D printer
Tobacco processing and making machinery
Rope or cable manufacturing machine
Multifunctional industrial robot
Passenger boarding ship bridge
Mixing, stirring, crushing, grinding, screening, homogenizing or emulsifying machines
Mixing, stirring, crushing, grinding, screening, homogenizing or emulsifying machines for waste and wastewater treatment

Trading Terms Conditions:
1. The trading items should be available in your country or China.
2. By return, we could give you the items as follows but not limited to those items.