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Multihead Weigher

Multihead Weigher
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Product Description

High Dream has an extensive range of multi head packing machine suited to many food and non-food applications. From entry-level to high-specification models, High Dream computer combination weigher combines high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. They are pivotal to the improvement of efficiency and consistency on the production line. Our multihead weighers, including multihead weigher 7 touch screen A series, can be installed as part of an integrated weighing and packing line or interfaced with existing packing equipment.

High Dream is one of the best multihead weigher manufacturers and multihead weigher suppliers in China, we supply best quality multihead weighing machines at reasonable price, feel free to contact us!

Multihead Weigher Packing Machines

4.0 Generation BASIC Multihead Weigher

4.0 Generation BASIC Multihead WeigherThe series of Standard Multihead Weigher Series are with high accuracy due to the precise control of feeding time and thickness.

4.0 Generation PLUS Multihead Weigher

4.0 Generation PLUS Multihead WeigherIt is an advanced model using CANBus control system.

4.0 Generation ATLANTIC Multihead Weigher

4.0 Generation ATLANTIC Multihead WeigherThe 4.0 Generation ATLANTIC plus model multihead weigher stands for Highdream's top level technology and production engineering.

Compact Multihead Weigher Series

Compact Multihead Weigher SeriesCompact weighers is capable of handing low target weights at ideal speed and with unsurpassed accuracy. It can do target weights from 2g to 300g, by 10 heads and 14 heads combination weigher, accuracy from 0.2g to 1g.

Micro Multihead Weigher

Micro Multihead WeigherThe super precision micro weigher stands for Highdream's smallest weigh and most precise technology and production engineering. Customized design for high precision requirement products such as capsules, herbs, tea, etc.

Large Volume Multihead Weigher Series

Large Volume Multihead Weigher SeriesIn order to fully meet the demand of the salads markets, a new multihead weigher for salads has been unveiled by Highdream company China, which has been developed in co-operation with salad packers throughout the world.

Memory Hopper Multihead Weigher

Memory Hopper Multihead WeigherHighdream's memory series multihead weigher equip with the third row hoppers that act as memory hoppers, effectively doubling the number of heads to make combinations. This means that the multihead weigher will run incredibly quickly and extreme accuracy.

Special Multihead Weigher

Special Multihead WeigherExcept for snack food industry, High Dream specially develop weighers that apply to meat, sticky product, powdery product, farm products,etc. Maximizing weighing effect.

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