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Air Oxygen Blender Manufacturer

Air Oxygen Blender Manufacturer
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Product Description

Pigeon Medical air-oxygen blender is a device used by medical personnel to control the concentration and flow of oxygen for the rescue of patients with hypoxic problems while avoiding the side effects of pure oxygen inhalation. It provides the ability to mixed air and oxygen in a safe, easy and controlled manner, supporting the use of ventilator, HFNC, infant resuscitator, infant radiant warmer, CPAP, especially suitable for those who have high requirement for oxygen concentration.

Scope of application: Premature infants, newborns, infants, and mothers have good clinical effects on children with fetal fluid inhalation, acute pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage and hypoxemia, which can avoid the sequelae caused by traditional treatment of respiratory pure oxygen.

Pigeon Medical is a medical breathing equipment manufacturer in China. We can offer different types of medical air oxygen blender, low high flow air O2 mixer, and CPAP blender. Contact us to check out the attractive price and get more details!

How does an air oxygen blender work

The surface of Pigeon Medical air-oxygen blender is processed with anodic oxidation. Concentration level from 21%-100% of medical oxygen will be configured by adjusting the proportion of oxygen and air. Alarming system of differential pressure is equipped, on the occasion of alarming, the safety valve starts automatically and produces the mixed gas continuously to ensure the safety of the patients. In order to offer maximum flexibility, the Blenders can be specified for either mounting on a pole or rail, with or without gas hoses, with a variety flow LPM of flow meters.

In addition, we provide model with optional double output ports AD3000-SPD2 can supply gas to two machines at a time

FAQs of Air Oxygen Blender


Is the blender able to support two machines at the same time


Blender model AD3000-SPD2 equipped with two flow meter on each side to supply gas to two machines at a time. Plus, the flow meter can be customized base on your demand.


Do we have to purchase the air/oxygen hose and connector separetely


No. The air/oxygen hose and connector will come together with the blender. Other than that, you can add accessories such as humidification bottle or oxygen regular with a budget deal.


Is power source nesscessary to activate the alarm system


No. The air-oxygen blender is 100% electric free. The alarm activates automatically by mechanical measure of differential pressure.

Pigeon Medical is one of professional medical ventilator companies. We provide air oxygen blender, infant CPAP, air oxygen blender mixer and so on. Want to know more Please contact us.