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Quartz Aquarium UV Water Sterilizer 7W/11W

Quartz Aquarium UV Water Sterilizer 7W/11W
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Product Description

The UV sterilizer should be placed in the filter tank, can't put it in the fish tank directly. UV sterilizer helps to kill bacteria and viruses in the aquarium. Don't use UV light for more than 24h.Description


Power: 11W, 7WUV Water Sterilizer Details:

- Material: Quartz

- Power: 7W/11W

- Applicable:

7W fits for 250L66 us gal fish tank

11W fits for 300400L 80-106 us gal fish tank

- Shell Color: Transparent

- Wavelength: 254nm

- Wattage Irradiance:

7W fits for 15 UW/cm²

11W fits for 25 UW/cm²

- Voltage HZ:

100V - 120V, 60HZ US

210V - 230V, 50Hz EU

- Electric wire length: Approx. 1.35m

UV Water Sterilizer Features:

1. 7W Suitable for 250L fish tank;

11W fits for a 300400L fish tank. Depending on your pump

2. Waterproof and purify water quality.

UV Water Sterilizer Tips:

1. The UV Light should be placed in the filter tank, can't put it in the fish tank directly.

2. In the use process, please cut off the power supply and stop using it immediately if the lamp enters the water.

3. The ultraviolet radiation will cause direct harm to human skin and eyes, please don't expose to use.

UV Water Sterilizer Notice:

1. Please choose a suitable lamp according to the size of your fish tank and filter-tank.

2. 3-4 times for a week, don't use more than 2 hours per day, Please according to the actual situation.

3. Please note that this light only cleans water green in the water, but can not clean the black precipitate attach on rock and tank.

UV Water Sterilizer Package Included:

1 X UV Sterilizer

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