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Lenel Auto Clutch Covers

Lenel Auto Clutch Covers
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Product Description

Hebei Lenel Auto Parts Co, Ltd is an enterprise specialized in the production and management of automobile clutch cover and pressure plate. We are a professional manufacturer of clutch cover plate and clutch pressure plate in China. We provide different types of clutch pressure plates and clutch pressure plates for customers according to OE number provided by customers.

The auto clutch cover is one of the constituent parts of the clutch assembly. The auto clutch cover supports and installs the clutch pressure plate, compression spring and the shell-shaped base part of the release lever mechanism. The car clutch cover is important to the car because it directly affects the starting, shifting and reversing of the car. The auto clutch cover provided by Lenel has three main functions. Auto clutch cover not only ensures a smooth start of the car but also achieves a smooth shift. What's more, the quality car clutch cover helps prevent an overloaded driveline.

Types of Clutch Cover

As a reliable clutch cover manufacturer and clutch cover supplier, The Lenel clutch pressure plate and clutch plate are specially designed to provide unparalleled durability. The clutch pressure plate is one of the essential transmission parts of the vehicle. You can use our pressure plate at any time, whether in any environment or when you are in any other situations that may be encountered during driving, our pressure plate pulls the release bearing toward the gearbox to achieve separation, which not only saves effort but also has a very good separation effect, providing you with better service.

How auto clutch cover is built

The automobile clutch cover is made through the drawing forming process, and the design, structure and working process of the drawing die die are used, which greatly improve its efficiency. The part forming and separating processes are various and interrelated. The mold has been put into production and used, the work is smooth and reliable, and the quality of the parts meets the requirements.

What does a car clutch cover do

The clutch cover of the utility model can increase the rigidity of the clutch cover by reasonably arranging the reinforcing ribs, and as a result, the transmission efficiency is improved. Therefore, the thickness of the clutch cover can be reduced while the required efficiency is ensured, thereby reducing the material The effect of energy consumption and cost saving.

How do you install a pressure plate cover

1. Install the guide bearing;

2. Install the release sleeve, release bearing, shift fork, return spring dust cover and other accessories;

3. Install the flywheel, clutch cover, and disc one by one; pay attention to install the clutch assembly and driven disc according to the marks when disassembling, fix it on the flywheel and install it to the specified position, tighten the bolts according to the specified torque,

4. Reinstall the gearbox assembly.

Advantages of Clutch Cover

Clutch pressure plates are also very complete, and the selection of materials is also very strict.

The quality of our products is very reliable and the performance is very stable.

Have a sufficiently high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance.

We have adopted a very advanced industry and technology in production and production.