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Jiangsu Yiming Biological Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 1998, is a high-tech enterprise integrating RD, manufacturing and sales. It boasts three modernized factories covering a total area of 175,000 m2 in Jiangsu province. It also has an RD base with a team of more than 30 professional researchers. As one of the enzyme manufacturing companies, it is now a member of the China Food Additives Ingredients Association CFAA and China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association CBFIA.

A-amylase, or the so-called alpha amylase, are amylase enzymes that catalyses the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. A-amylase is present in the saliva of humans and some other mammals, where it begins the chemical process of digestion. The alpha amylase enzyme powder is a non?GMO, nonhazardous, feed grade and industrial grade enzyme.

Currently, the alpha-amylases are found to be having wide industrial application of amylase/alpha amylase enzyme function in food industry, such as baking, brewing, preparation of digestive aids, production of cakes, fruit juices and starch syrups. As a professional enzyme company in China, Yiming can provide you with different types of amylase enzyme for sale at reasonable prices!

Key Benefits of Alpha Amylase in Bread Baking and Processed-foods

Good thermal stability

Wide application of alpha amylase in food processing

Improve the digestibility of fiber in animal feed

Reduce dough viscosity and fungal alpha amylase for bread making

Amylases are widely used in the processed food industry, such as baking, brewing, the preparation of digestive aids, the production of cakes, fruit juices and starch syrups. Alpha-amylase is widely used in the baking industry. The enzyme can be added to the bread dough to degrade the starch in the flour into smaller dextrins, which are then fermented by yeast. Adding alpha-amylase to the dough can increase the fermentation speed and reduce the viscosity of the dough, thereby improving the volume and texture of the product.

In addition, it will produce extra sugar in the dough, thereby improving the taste, crust color and baking quality of the bread.

In addition to producing possible compounds, alpha amylase also have anti-stale effects in bread baking, and they improve the softness of baked goods and extend the shelf life of these products.

At present, in the bakery business, the thermostable maltase produced by the stearothermophilus stearothermophilus is commercially used.

Amylase can also be used for clarification of beer or fruit juice, or for pretreatment of animal feed to improve fiber digestibility.

Difference between Alpha and Beta Amylase

Both alpha and beta amylases are enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. Alpha amylase acts at random positions along the starch chain, while beta amylase works from the non-reducing end to promote the decomposition of most sugars. This is the main difference between Alpha amylase and Beta amylase.