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Jiangsu Yiming Biological Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 1998, is a high-tech enterprise integrating RD, manufacturing and sales. It boasts three modernized factories covering a total area of 175,000 m2 in Jiangsu province. It also has an RD base with a team of more than 30 professional researchers. As one of the enzyme manufacturing companies, it is now a member of the China Food Additives Ingredients Association CFAA and China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association CBFIA.

In the food processing industry, the stable colloid is the one that thickens food, provides adhesion and gel-forming ability, and helps to obtain the desired shape, viscosity, hardness, thickness, crispness and softness of food. For example, the natural colloid can act as a thickener in some soups and sauces. It can also perform gel-forming ability in pudding and jelly, or emulsify in yogurt, ice cream, etc.

As a professional colloid company, Yiming can provide you with a list of types and properties of colloids. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What are the characteristics of a Colloid

Stability: The colloidal properties are stable. The particles in the dispersed phase move continuously and remain suspended in the solution.

What is colloid definition

Filterability: The colloid needs a special filter, that is, an ultrafilter to filter it. The colloid can easily pass through the filter paper without residue.

Heterogeneity: Since colloid is composed of dispersed phase and dispersion medium, it is called heterogeneity in nature.

Homogeneous appearance: Although list the properties of colloids have suspended particles and are heterogeneous in nature, they appear to be homogeneous solutions. This is because the suspended particles are very small and invisible to the naked eye.

General Applications of Colloids in Food

Colloids have great applications in the food industry. Many of the food materials we eat are colloidal in nature. Milk and many dairy products, such as cheese and butter, are all colloids.

More precisely, milk is an emulsion liquid in a liquid colloidal system. In milk, butter and fat are dispersed in water. Bread is a colloidal system in which air is dispersed in the baked dough.