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ZM-R7850A Smart Optical BGA Rework Station

ZM-R7850A Smart Optical BGA Rework Station
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Product Description

R7850A PCB soldering station machine is an optical alignment automatic rework equipment. This BGA Soldering Machine has multi-functional control features, convenient temperature setting and storage, bottom heating system, smoke purification system, high-definition optical alignment module. As one of the most reputable suppliers, Zhuomao promises to produce the best SMD BGA Soldering Station at a reasonable price for customers.

Functions of R7850A BGA Soldering Machine

00 Multifunctional Control Features

Industrial PC control, can set a variety of operating modes, real-time display of temperature curve, each curve can be set to more than 12 segments, it can automatically analyze the curve, and automatically save the temperature curve to generate a large number of log files to facilitate the recall of historical parameters for traceability.

01 Convenient Temperature Setting and Saving

Three temperature zones independently controlled by programming, convenient and quick setting of temperature parameters and temperature saving records, the top zone uses ceramic heaters, built-in vacuum tube is used for chip adsorption, electric control 360 degree rotation alignment, with pressure protection device, dual over-temperature protection and alarm function, software design has encryption and foolproof functions.

02 Bottom Heating System

The medium-wave ceramic infrared heating plate imported from Germany is adopted, and the bottom temperature zone can be independently heated to adjust the distance from the PCB like a infrared BGA rework station. Fast temperature rise and high temperature control accuracy can effectively solve PCBA preheating and rework temprature.

03 Smoke Purification System

The built-in three-level smoke purification system can filter and purify the toxic gas generated in the work, effectively protecting the environment.

04 HD Optical Alignment Module

Imported HD CCD 2m pixels optical alignment system, through the PC control system X/Y automatically moves the optical lens alignment, using 15' HD industrial display 1080P 16: 9 and 18.5' SD display operation. Equipped with automatic feeding device to realize feeding and receiving automatically.

As one of the top BGA Rework Station suppliers in China, Seamark ZM is famous for its rich technical force, complete detection means, reliable product quality, full service. If you want to know different types of BGA repair machines and to get a perfect kind of repair machine for your factory, please contact Seamark ZM first.

Specification Of ZM R7850A BGA SMD Rework Station

Power Supply AC380V±10%  50/60HZ

Power 9.85KWMax?Top heater1.45KW                                 Bottom heater 1.2KW?IR Preheater 6.6KW, Other0.6KW

PCB Size 635520mmMax;66mmMin

BGA Chip Size 8080mmMax;22mmMin

IR Heater Size 565435mm

Motion Control X/Y/Z

Temperature Sensor 5 Pcs

Control System Industrial PC Motion control system

Display System 15 HD industrial display 1080P  16:9 18.5 SD display

Alignment System 2 Million Pixel HD digital imaging system, automatic optical zoom with laser  red-dot indicator

Vacuum Adsorption Automatic

Alignment Accuracy ±0.01mm

Temperature  Control K-type thermocouple closed-loop control with accuracy up to ±1?

Feeding Device Yes

Positioning V-groove with universal fixture shaped fixture can be customized

Dimensions L835W960H1640mm

Weight 218.5KG

Seamark is a professional x ray inspection machine manufacturer. We provide china inline x ray machine, x ray pcb inspection machine, ir rework station and etc. Zhuomao has specialized in research, development, production, and sells superior quality BGA rework stations for more than 10 years.