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Pet Bottles for Sale

Pet Bottles for Sale
USD 0.20 - 0.80
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Minimum Order:
500 Bags
Supply Availability:
150000 Bags per Week

Product Description

Yansen, wholesale pet bottles suppliers , PET bottles, with good quality, are designed for those who will be on a journey, they are convenient to carry. Simple but beautiful, Yansen PET bottles are diverse and useful, and they are cheap, which are your best choice.

Advantages of PET Bottles

PET is the abbreviated form of polyethylene terephthalate bottles, which is an excellent choice as a material in many industries. It has the following advantages:

1.PET plastic is a safe packaging material for many food and beverage products.

2.Compared with glass bottles, PET bottles are more durable and resistant to damage. Due to its tough non-reactive ingredients, it prevents the generation of moisture and air. When transported from one place to another, there is less chance of leakage and bursting, thus maintaining the quality of the internal liquid.

3.Compared with glass containers, manufacturing PET bottles consumes less power. In addition, because plastics are lighter, the transportation costs involved are also lower.

4.They are flexible enough to be moulded into any shape and any shade of color.

5.These bottles can be recycled after the first use. They can be used as planters, drip irrigation, for making carpet fibers, pillow fillings, etc., which is beneficial to the environment.

6.Compared with glass packaging production, PET packaging uses much less energy and natural resources in the manufacturing process. This includes fossil fuels and water.

7.Unlike glass, PET plastic will not crack or shatter. This makes it safer than glass containers. Once filled, this also makes transportation safer and cheaper.

8.Since PET can be moulded into different shapes at a low cost, it is easier for brands to use unique packaging designs to identify and promote their products to help them stand out.

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