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Foam Pump

Foam Pump
USD 0.20 - 3.00
Origin Country:
Minimum Order:
5000 Bags
Supply Availability:
1000000 Bags per Month

Product Description

As one of plastic foam pump suppliers , we have foam pumps of different size, liquid output and color and these foaming soap pumps can produce fine foam and are easy to use. Foam soap dispenser pumps are only for foam liquid-like hand wash, face wash and shampoo. As one of foam pump manufacturers, we produce various kinds of foam dispenser pumps, such as foam sanitizer pump, industrial foam pump, plastic foam pump, gallon foam pump, flower shape foam pump, idesign foaming soap pump, etc.

In the skincare packaging companies for cosmetic packaging, different sizes of cheap foam pumps are available, including 40mm foamer pump, 43mm foamer pump and so on. There are two main colors for foam pumps in our foam pump factory and they are black foamer pumps and white foamer pumps. Shaoxing Leopack Co., Ltd., as a skin care bottle manufacturer, has made great progresses in the market of foam pump in china and supports bulk foaming soap dispenser pump and foaming soap pump wholesale. Our foam pump price is also competitive in the market. If you want to buy disinfection and sterilization products, please contact us!