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NXQ Capsule Type Accumulator

NXQ Capsule Type Accumulator
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Product Description

NXQ Capsule Type Accumulator

Brief Introduction NXQ Capsule Type Accumulator

Capsule type accumulator is a kind of gas liquid isolated accumulator, which utilizes the compressibility of gas and works according to Formula Brown and under priciples of gas law. The functions of the accumulator in the hydraulic pressure system include energy storage, pressure stabilization compensation buffering and pulsation removal. thus the electric power consumption can be economized and the equipment investment can be decreased. The accumulator is extensively applied in the hydraulic pressure system of heavy machinery, mine, machine tool, scientific research, power station and equipment of military industry.

Working Principle

The accumulator is maturally divided by the leather bag into two parts , the part inside the leather bag filled with helium and the part the leather bag filled with hydraulic oil . When the hydraulic pump presses the hydraulic oil into the accumulator . The leather bag will receive pressure and drform , the gas volume will decrease with the increase of the pressure and the hydrauic oil will be gradully stored if the hydraulic system needs more hydraulic oil for work , the accumulator will discharge the hytdraulic oil to compensate the energy of the system.

Company Strength

The company's main products are hydraulic bladder accumulators, piston accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, accumulator devices, accumulator accessories, heat exchangers, hydraulic systems, hydraulic components, pneumatic components and drilling and mining accessories It is a new comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales and service.

The company has complete processing equipment, strong technical force and advanced testing equipment, effective and reliable quality assurance system combined with high-quality staff groups, so that product quality is fully guaranteed.

The company's products are widely used in hydraulic systems in engineering, lifting and transportation, agricultural machinery, electric power, petroleum, chemical, textile and other industries, and equipment in the automotive industry, harbors, docks, mining and other industries. The products sell well all over the country, and the product department is exported with the host.