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Custom Protective Cover Wholesale

Custom Protective Cover Wholesale
USD 0.20 - 100.00
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Delivery Lead Time:
3-4 weeks
Payment Terms:
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Minimum Order:
1000 Pieces
Supply Availability:
100000 Pieces per Day

Product Description

In life, when you walk on the street, you will often see some residential real estate and some iconic buildings. Outside the building, there are rusty air-conditioning units that are rusted by the wind and sun. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner has been hanging outdoors for many years, and has been exposed to sun and rain, wind and dust erosion, and is easily rusted and blocked by dust, which seriously affects the normal life of the air conditioner. If the protection is not good, dust also enters, inside the exhaust aluminum sheet or the motor and the external machine, the aluminum sheet behind it will also lead to bad heat dissipation, and the casing is easy to corrode and other serious consequences. The air-conditioning protective cover is created to protect and cover the air-conditioning external unit, beautify the appearance of the residential real estate, and beautify the building.

Many daily necessities in life also need a protective cover to extend the life and beauty of the product.

Types of Protective Cover

BBQ Grill Cover

Sofa Cover

Machine Equipment Cover

Umbrella Cover

Garden Outdoor Cover

Pet Furniture Covers

Furniture Cover

Manufacturing of Protective Covers

The production of the dust protection cover consists of blanking, punching, bending, arc rolling, welding, grinding, assembly and other forming processes to make the product show a variety of geometric shapes, which can realize the processing of various complex shapes, so as to meet the greatest extent. The special needs of architecture and modeling fully express the innovative ideas of architectural design.

The formed aluminum plate is chemically treated with German technology and pre-treatment liquid to form a dense oxide film, followed by strict surface fluorocarbon spraying, using a full set of Japan's automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, primer, topcoat, and finishing All lacquers are automatic spray guns, and the computer controls the spray flow and range to ensure the uniform and beautiful thickness of the paint film on the surface of the protective cover. The Italian drying tunnel design and special equipment are used to ensure that the furnace temperature curve is scientific and accurate. After baking at high temperature, the ultra-stable characteristics of the molecular structure of the fluorocarbon resin can be fully exerted, so that the sprayed surface can resist the erosion of the external climate for a long time, keep the surface as smooth as new, and last longer.

Use of Protective Cover

The protective cover has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, and durability. It can effectively extend the life of the product. It is used to cover up the daily necessities hanging indoors and outdoors, to beautify the real estate in the community, and to beautify the appearance of the building. It is the product of choice for urban image reconstruction projects.

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