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Product Description

As world first bone conduction musical lollipops, Lavoli not only provides music playing pops to your loved one as innovative gifts but also offers storytelling screen-free players for your kids and parents!

Thanks to bone conduction technology, Lavoli is able to bring these novel and funny sound lollipops to you. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for all ages. Try to plug your ears and hum. Now what you are hearing is all completed through bone conduction. Our music battery powered lollipop can help people with conductive hearing loss to hear the world. When it comes to the mainstream, such extraordinary novel product is quite interested for everyone and the sound sucker is also a perfect complement to flowers, gift baskets, chocolates when you choosing gifts.

Types Of Lavoli Musical Lollipop

Lavoli Advanced Version

Non-rechargeable Musical Lollipop

One button design, easy to use

80 minutes playing time

Compact dimension, elegant appearance

Environmentally friendly material, disposable and recyclable

Low calories, tooth-friendly candy

Lavoli Personalized Version

Recordable Rechargeable Musical Lollipop

Useful recording function, a good choice for a personalized gift

Universal USB Type C charging port

High-quality lithium battery

Indicative LED light

Supporting replace audio and recording

Lavoli Enterprise Version

APP Controlled Bluetooth Rechargeable Musical Lollipop with Micro SD Card

Micro SD inside for easy customization

Bluetooth connection with smartphones

Lavoli APP supporting audio selecting, recording, mixing

Location-based service supported in APP

Volume control button

Lavoli Suit Version

APP Controlled Bluetooth Rechargeable Musical Lollipop Package With Replacement Heads

Replacement heads for enjoy more candies

Automatically identify each head to play corresponding content

Suit package provide more choices for audio, candy shape, flavor

Connect smartphones via Bluetooth

Multi-function on APP

Advantages Of Lavoli Musical Lollipop

Sugar free healthy musical lollipop

As a sweetener derived from pure sugar beet, isomalt, which is a naturally sourced sugar replacer, is the raw material we use to produce our sound lollipops. It is 100% sugar-free and tooth friendliness. It can even help to prevent tooth decay. The high-tech production process of the isomalt makes its sweetening profile almost equal to sucrose, but only half the calories! Due to its low glycemic response, mild sugar-like taste, isomalt is the No.1 sugar replacer worldwide in candies.

Environment-friendly musical lollipop

All the plastic parts of Lavoli music lolly are recyclable sustainable; the batteries are Lithium; and the design, material, and production of all our lollipops that play music measure up to the most stringent environmental protection regulations and requirements worldwide. Lavoli musical lollipop aims at environmental protection.

From kids to the senior, from kindergarten to the exhibition, Lavoli sound lollipop is always a good choice for gift selection. As for the application, Lavoli's digital lollipop can play a lullaby or tell fairy tales for a child. It can also play billboard hot 5 music for teens and help them to express themselves to those they have a crush on. These lollipops that play music in your mouth can also help you to say“I love you” to your parents when you are not around. You can even use them to make your marriage vow once again at your golden anniversary. Such an extraordinary novel battery-powered lollipop can perfectly complement flowers, gifts, chocolates, and even books. It also can perform an important role in promotional events or exhibitions, with custom audio.

How does Lavoli Musical Lollipop work

The head of the Lavoli sound lollipop will send mini vibration to the jaw and transfer the sound to the inner ear directly. Bypassing the eardrum, the sound will be transferred to your ears solely and you do not need any loud speaker to enjoy the music or story quietly. In another word, our music lollipop is great helpful for people with conduction hearing loss. By simply biting our electric lollipop, the fantastic songs, fairy stories, and recorded blessings inside the lollipop will be pleasantly sent to those people whom you would love to surprise. Aiming to spread love and care around the world, Lavoli wants to provide you a chance to express yourself in an innovative way.

Air Conduction and Bone Conduction

Surprisingly, compared to air conduction, bone conduction is found to be conducting sound better. While air conduction uses air to transfer sounds to the ear canal and eardrum, bone conduction uses vibrations picked up by the ears' specialized nervous systems to send specific sounds. Through the tests conducted by researchers, it is noted that bone conduction can be perceived as being heard louder than air conduction. And using the technology of this advanced technology, our sound lollipop can n