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Linear Motion Control Valves

Linear Motion Control Valves
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Product Description

Linear motion control is a kind of action of control valves, its actuator receives the control signal and turns the signal into displacement thrust or angular torque to control the opening and closing of the valve.

Linear control valve have a valve disc driven by the stem to do a reciprocal rising and falling action in a straight line.

Linear motion control valve contain globe valves, gate valves, angle valves, discharge valves.

The Material of Linear motion control

Material Group Castings Grades Forgings Grades Bar Grades

Titanium Gr. 2 B367 Gr.C-2 B381 Gr F-2 B348 Gr.2

Titanium Gr. 3 B367 Gr.C-3 B381 Gr F-3 B348 Gr.3

Titanium Gr. 5 B367 Gr.C-5 B381 Gr F-5 B348 Gr.5

Titanium Gr. 6 B367 Gr.C-6 B381 Gr F-6 B348 Gr.6

Titanium Gr. 12 B367 Gr.C-12 B381 Gr F-12 B348 Gr.12

Titanium Gr. 7 B367 Pd7B B381 Gr. F-7 B348 Gr.7

Nickel 200 A494 CZ100 B564 N02200 B160 N02200

Nickel 201 B160 N02201

Monel 400 A494 M35-1 B564 N04400 B164 N04400

Monel K500 B865 N05500

Inconel 600 A494 CY40 B564 N06600 B166 N06600

Inconel 625 A494 CW6MC B564 N06625 B446 N106625

Incoloy 800 A351 CT15C B564 N08800 B408 N08800

Incoloy 800H B564 N08810 B408 N08810

Incoloy 825 A494 CU5MCuC B564 N08825 B425 N08825

Hastelloy B A494 N12MV B335 N10001 B335 N10001

Hastelloy B-2 A494 N7M B462 N10665 B335 N10665

Hastelloy C276 A494 CW12MW B574 N10276 B574 N10276

Hastelloy C22 A494 CX2MW B574 N06022 B574 N06022

Hastelloy C4 A494 CW2M B574 N06455 B574 N06455

Hastelloy G B462 N06007 B581 N06007

The Material of Linear motion control

Zirconium702 B493 R60702 B752 702C B550 R60702

Zirconium705 B493 R60705 B752 705C B550 R60705

Duplex S31803 A890 4A/A995 4A/

CD3MN A182 F51 2205 A276 S31803

Super Duplex S32750 A890 5A/A995 5A/

CE3MN A182 F532507 A276 S32750

Super Duplex S32760 A890 6A/A995 6A/

CD3MWCuN A182 F55 A276 S32760

904L 904L A182 F904L B649 N08904

254SMO A351 CK3MCuN A182 F44 A276 S31254

AL-6XN A351 CN3MN B462 N08367 B688 N08367

Alloy 20 A351 CN7M B462 N08020 B473 N08020

Ni-Al-Br B148 C95800 / B150 C63200

Ni-Al-Br B148 C95500 / /

304 A351 CF8 A182 F304 A276 304

304L A351 CF3 A182 F304L A276 304L

316 A351 CF8M A182 F316 A276 316

316L A351 CF3M A182 316L A276 316L

316Ti A182 F316Ti A276 316 Ti

317 A351 CG8M A182 F317 A276 317

317L A351 CG3M A182 F317L A276 317L

347 A351 CF8C A182 F347 A276 347

310 A351 CK20 A182 F310 A276 310

Types Of Linear Motion Control Valves

Globe Type Control Valves

Weidouli's Globe type control valves are combined characteristics of CV3000 flow path design with our own advantages.

Angle Type Control Valves

Angle-type control valves are the most critical control valves used in the discharge pipe between autoclave in oxygen pressure leaching workshop and flash tank, being able to affect the normal operation and stability of the device as well as the production cost.

Discharge Type Control Valves

Discharge type control valves are mainly used for bottom discharge of reactor, tank and other containers, is welded on the bottom of the tank and other containers through the flange at the bottom of the valve.

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