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Metal Raschig Ring

Metal Raschig Ring
USD 1.00 - 100.00
Origin City:
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Delivery Lead Time:
1-14 days
pallet?wooden case?jumbo bag
Payment Terms:
  • T/T
  • L/C
Minimum Order:
1 Cubic Meter
Supply Availability:
5000 Cubic Meter per Year

Product Description

Metal Raschig Ring MCR is proved to be a kind of good tower packing a wide range of mass transfer applications. It provides one of those largest surface areas among tower packing options and handles heavy loading, process upsets and temperature shocks. NAIKE can offer copper raschig rings of different sizes and materials according to your specific separation applications.

Parameters of Metal Raschig Ring

Name Normal DiameterHeight

Thickness Surface area Void space Bulk density No.elements

mm mm m2/m3 % kg/m3 per/m3


Raschig ring ø10 10100.3 500 75 571 768000

ø12.7 12.712.70.3 400 80 490 410000

ø16 16160.30.4 350 86 408543 214000

ø25 25250.50.6 220 88 403483 52000

ø38 38380.60.8 150 90 326435 15200

ø50 50500.81.0 110 92 322403 6500

ø76 76761.01.2 68 95 262314 1830

ø89 89891.21.5 58 97 283353 1200

Advantage of Metal Raschig Ring

?High separation efficiency

?High capacity and low-pressure drop

?High separation, cold and heat resistant

?High durability and longevity

Application of Metal Raschig Ring

?Petrochemical Distillation and extraction applications

?Absorption in gas processing, combustion plants and columns

?Steam stripping and desorption in water treatment