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Product Description

Metal tower packing is tower packing made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy.

The metal tower packing can be made of a variety of materials, and corrosion is the main consideration when choosing. Carbon steel fillers are low in cost and have good surface wetting properties. They should be used in preference to non-corrosive or low-corrosive materials; stainless steel fillers have strong corrosion resistance and are generally resistant to corrosion from common materials other than Cl–; The cost of packing made of titanium materials and materials such as special alloy steel is very high, and it is generally only used in certain highly corrosive materials.

Metal Structured Packing

Metal structured packingMetal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing is made of a perforated plate with channel corrugation on surface, and remains a structured feature of metal wire gauze packing.

Metal Gauze Packing

Metallic wire gauze packing is an important milestone of the development of clear and neat filling. This kind of filling consists of arranged web pieces pressed into corrugation.

Metal Pall Ring

Metallic Pall Rings are an advancement on the Raschig Ring, with similar cylindrical dimensions but with two rows of punched out holes, with fingers or webs turned into the centre of cylinder.

Intalox Metal Tower Packing

Metal Protruded Corrugated Sheet Packing is perforated 70 very small holes with thorn per square centimeter, then is pushed to corrugated sheet, finally it is assembled to the coil.

Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Metal cascade mini ring is a new type of hole-type packing, the product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high free volume, high capacity, low resistance, high separation efficiency and so on.

Metal Raschig Ring

Metal Raschig Ring MCR is proved to be a kind of good tower packing a wide range of mass transfer applications. It provides one of those largest surface areas among tower packing options.

Metal Super Raschig Ring

NAIKE Metal random packing is made of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum alloy, etc. The product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high void ratio, high capacity.

Metal Tellerette Ring

Metal Tellerette Packing like ellipse that made of many enlaced cirques. Due to its high liquid storage in lacuna of packing, it prolongs time of gas-liquid contact, enhances transfer efficiency.

Fire Arresting Matenal

Fire Arresting Matenal is one of the most important components of flame arrester. Flame arrester can effectively prevent the flame spread of flammable gas and liquid and prevent tempering and cause explosion.

Application of Metal tower packing

Generally speaking, metal tower packing can be made into a thin-walled structure, which has large flux, low gas resistance, and high impact resistance. It can be used under high temperature, high pressure and high impact strength, and is mainly suitable for fine chemicals. It is widely used in towers in many fields such as petrochemical industry, and fertilizer.