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Product Description

Energy saving and environmental protection, the solar powered lights are the power source, and the energy is inexhaustible and recognized as the most environmentally friendly power in the world. If you want to get solar light price, please contact us.

Solar street light 200w has a large battery, which can store more power. The solar panel of solar street light 200w is large, which can better absorb sunlight and convert it into power.

Solar street light 200w is one of the larger power style in current existing solar outdoor street lights, which is more bright and illuminate a larger area.

We, being an expert of solar power system in China, can better provide customers with more professional solutions.

The Advantages of Solar Street Light 200W

1. Large lighting area and longer lighting time

2. 5050 LED bulbs

3. Higher installation height

The Features of Solar Street Light 200W

From the beginning of its design, Solar street Light 200W has focused the range of illumination, photoelectric conversion, electric energy storage, light source irradiation effect, and heat dissipation effect. The main difference between solar street lights 200w and other styles of solar street lights is the structure of the lamp body.

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