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Product Description

Energy saving and environmental protection, the solar powered lights are the power source, and the energy is inexhaustible and recognized as the most environmentally friendly power in the world. If you want to get solar light price, please contact us.

Now more and more people prefer to use solar street lights 40w. The application of solar street light 40w solves the basic lighting needs of most energy-deficient areas in the world. Solar street light 40w have also entered more markets, helping many people realize the dream of having lights at night.

The Specification of Solar Street Light 40w

model MY-02

Warranty 5year

Solar panel power 64W18V

Total lumen 6000LM

Lighting time 12H

Number of rainy days 5-7day

Product Size 91937157mm

Package dimensions?mm? Lamp body: 925105415mm

Multifunctional base: 250220155mm

Package weight?kg?

The Advantages of Solar Street Light 40W

With perfect solar led street light design, our products have the following advantages:

1. Highly waterproof design of battery box

2.Solar street light 40w can be used where existing sunshine

3. Meet the product requirements of bidding

4. Large irradiation range and area

The Features of Solar Street Light 40W

Solar street light 40w will make corresponding plans to customers according to the needs of different regions. The light-emitting angle and installation height spacing of solar street lights 40w are all designed according to scientific principles, designed according to optical principles, conforming to the road lighting design concept, and not wasting a little energy.

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