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Eco Friendly Disposable Biodegradable Round Container

Eco Friendly Disposable  Biodegradable Round Container
USD 5.00 - 10.00
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30000 Bags per Day

Product Description

Our disposable round container is manufactured according to extremely strict production. Advanced production technology and mold design were adopted in order to present a light, portable, a disposable environmentally friendly container with a beautiful outline. Our round container uses natural plant fibers as raw materials, such as bamboo, reeds, sugarcane and other natural degradable and renewable fiber materials.

We refuse to cut trees in order to protect the ecological environment. The materials used are harmless to the human body, non-toxic, tasteless, and easily degradable.

Advantages Of Eco Friendly Round Container


There is no pollution during the manufacturing, using and destructing process. The quality of our round disposable containers fully meets world food hygiene requirements. It also has the characteristics of easy recycling and easy disposal after being used.


Due to the particularity of the plant fiber material, our round disposable containers can withstand high temperatures, and also can be used in refrigerators without any peculiar smell or deformation. They are of water resistance, oil resistance, and high-temperature resistance.


Our disposable round container can be used for both cold and hot food. It has now been widely used in restaurants of Chinese Western food, barbecue, and hot pot, etc.

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