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Eco Friendly Disposable Compostable Sip Lid

Eco Friendly Disposable  Compostable Sip Lid
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Product Description

Eco Friendly Disposable Compostable Sip Lid

If you are looking for a compostable cup lid with strong buckling property for your cafe shop and restaurant, then our eco-friendly biodegradable sip lid will be one of your best choices. When the cup lid is buckled with the cup, water won't splash out while shaking it. A well-sized vent hole in the cup lid facilitates the removal of water vapor, and will not increase the internal pressure to cause the cup body to expand.

Our sip lid has been repeatedly tested and it is well proven that there will be no peculiar smell at high and low temperatures, therefore you can use these biodegradable cup lids for both cold or hot cups as you need and enjoy the tasty beverage without any concerns. On the contrary, plastic cup lids on the market will volatilize harmful substances below extreme temperatures, which will affect human health.

Advantages Of Eco Friendly Biodegradable Sip Lid


For the health of yourself and others, environmental protection cup sip lids are the best replacement of plastic lid. It not only maintains the plasticity of plastic but also is safe and hygienic.


Moreover, the pores of this cup sip lid can only pour the liquid in the cup at a special angle. Under the protection of this cup lid, even if the cup is knocked over, it will not spill out immediately. This cup lid is anti-vibration and anti-static.


Since the cup sip lid is made of 100% plant fiber, it can be naturally biodegraded after use, and will not cause white garbage and nearby environmental pollution.

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