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GGJ Intelligent Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device

GGJ Intelligent Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device
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Product Description

GGJ Intelligent Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device


The GGJ series intelligent low-voltage reactive power compensation device is used for the main circuit of the enterprise power system and each branch circuit to improve the power factor and avoid reactive power from the power system, thereby saving electricity costs. The capacitor automatic switching device includes a multi-function automatic power compensation controller, which has an automatic switching capacitor bank and various functions such as measuring and displaying various power parameters and outputting an alarm signal. The complete automatic power factor improving capacitor device includes a BSMJ type capacitor bank, which is mainly constructed as a DRFK type intelligent low voltage composite switch and a high performance fuse for each circuit including a capacitor and a capacitor, which makes maintenance very simple in cable or copper. The capacitor bank is free to adjust the capacity under the current-resistant conditions allowed by the row and switching switches. For larger capacity capacitors more than 300KVAR, multiple cabinets can be used in parallel, and each cabinet has its own independent protection system. The low-voltage automatic power factor adjustment capacitor complete device can be used for three-phase compensation, or can be designed as a combination of compensation and sub-compensation according to customer needs, to meet various needs of customers.

Structural features

The advanced intelligent low-voltage electronic composite switch is used as the switching component to completely solve the surge problem when the capacitor is put into operation. There is no contact loss, no heat dissipation, no harmonic injection, and high safety and reliability. High precision: The data sampling measurement uses true RMS, the voltage and current measurement accuracy is 0.5, and the power factor and power energy measurement accuracy is 1.0. Flexible group compensation: mixed compensation of three-phase compensation and group compensation, fixed compensation and common compensation, can be grouped through the control panel, each group can be set

Its compensation method and control parameters. Perfect protection functions: undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, voltage loss protection, overcurrent protection, phase loss protection, harmonic protection and other protection measures, high reliability. The design is reasonable, the structure is simple, the use is convenient, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the technical indicators are in a leading position in China. Standard cabinet, suitable for all kinds of occasions, occupying a small space. Simple installation, no impact on production, unattended, maintenance-free.


When reactive power compensation is performed under harmonic source load, it is necessary to check whether it is suitable. Usually, the reactive power compensation system needs to add a tuned reactor or a harmonic filter reactor. When the power grid monitoring function is selected as one of the reactive power compensation controllers: real-time monitoring of the three-phase voltage, current, power factor and other operational data of the power grid, and the data processing system in the microcomputer is transmitted through the meter reading machine, which can complete the whole Comprehensive management of monitoring, statistical analysis, and report output of low-voltage distribution lines, providing first-hand reliable data for scientific management of low-voltage distribution lines;

Harmonic monitoring: Measure and analyze the maximum harmonic voltage flow distortion rate and corresponding phase and appearance time, the maximum harmonic voltage flow distortion rate, the corresponding phase voltage flow fundamental amplitude and 2-19 harmonic The amplitude of the wave voltage flow, the fundamental wave of the real-time voltage and current of each phase, the amplitude of the 2-19 harmonics, and the distortion rate of the voltage and current of each phase in real time. The software is powerful, friendly, and easy to operate: Chinese WINDOWS platform, multiple data query analysis and statistical report functions, can give detailed data analysis of power supply reliability, voltage pass rate, load rate, etc., draw multiple curves and distribution Figure.

The main technical parameters

Circuit schematic