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KNOCK inline uv sterilizer

KNOCK inline uv sterilizer
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Product Description

Product No.: SKD-100/200/300

Effective range of anti-virus: within 2000mm diameter

Effective range of instant anti-virus: within 500mm diameter

UVC wavelength range: ?278nm

Classification: M, MS, H, HS

Efficiency of sterilization:

M type: working time between 0.07560s, sterilization rate of 99.9%

MS type: working time between 0.0130s, sterilization rate of 99.9%

H type: working time between 0.00712s, sterilization rate of 99.99%

HS type: working time between 0.0053s, sterilization rate of 100%

How to customize UV Light and inline uv sterilizer OEM / ODM

You need to tell us your use and inline uv sterilizer model size, or you contact us, we will customize a reasonable plan for you.

What is a UV Light Air Purifier

A UV light purifier is basically a light bulb that is designed to emit a specific frequency that research has found to stop microbial growth. It has been known for decades that specific frequencies of light can harm microorganisms.

Most research has been done in medical settings to help prevent contagious diseases. The most commonly used UV light frequency is 253.70nm which is the frequency when light passes through mercury vapor.

KNOCK?Ultraviolet light at this frequency has been clearly shown to destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

UV light is typically shining light 24 hours a day inside of your air conditioning ductwork. Most units will have a sight glass that allows you to see if the light bulb is on and still working. You never want to get UV light on your skin or eyes.

The ultraviolet bulb will need to be replaced in a year or two depending on the system. UV air sanitizers can have anywhere from one to four UV bulbs --- the most common is one to two bulbs. The lengths of the UV bulbs can also vary.

Brand Name: KNOCK