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KNOCK uv water sterilizer

KNOCK uv water sterilizer
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Product Description

Disinfecting the surface of objects

1 Irradiation method: It is best to use a portable ultraviolet sterilizer to move the radiation at close range, or to suspend the ultraviolet light. Small items can be irradiated in an ultraviolet disinfection box.

2 Irradiation dose and time: Different types of microorganisms have different sensitivities to ultraviolet rays. When disinfecting with ultraviolet rays, the irradiation dose must be used to reach the irradiation dose required to kill the target microorganisms.

When killing general bacterial propagules, the irradiation dose should reach 10000 uW.s / CM2; when killing bacterial spores, it should reach 100000 uW.s / CM2; the resistance of the virus to ultraviolet rays is between the bacterial propagules and buds; Fungal spores are more resistant than bacterial spores, and sometimes need to be irradiated to 600,000 uW.s / CM2; when the target microorganism to be disinfected is unknown, the irradiation dose should not be less than 100,000 uW.s / CM2.

Disinfection of indoor air

1 Indirect irradiation method: The high-intensity ultraviolet air sterilizer is preferred, which not only has a reliable disinfection effect, but also can be used when someone is indoors. Generally, disinfection can be achieved after 30 minutes of booting.

2 Direct irradiation method: Under the condition of no one in the room, it can be irradiated by ultraviolet lamp suspension type or mobile type.

When using indoor suspended UV disinfection, the number of UV disinfection lamps 30W UV lamp, intensity 70 uW / cm2 at 1.0 meter installed indoors is an average of not less than 1.5W per cubic meter and irradiation time of not less than 30min.

How to buy our KNOCK?portable sterilizer

We are a portable sterilizer supplier, if you happen to have a large demand for portable sterilizers, please contact us by email, we will send you an accurate quotation as soon as possible.

SKF-100Portable UVC Led Sterilizer Special Design Functions

1. For transportation safety, the product has no electricity or only a little electricity when it leaves the factory. The first use requires a full charge. It takes 3 4 hours to fully charge. Generally, it can be used for 50 minutes after being fully charged.

The applicable adapter specifications of the product are:

5V1A, full charge time is estimated to be 3 4 hours.

5V2A, full charge time is estimated to be 1 2 hours.

2. In order to prevent ultraviolet rays from directly hitting the eyes and skin, we deliberately added gravity sensing function to the product. As long as the product rollover angle is greater than 45 degrees, the gravity sensor will cause the product to automatically turn off the light. This is a special function design, please do not think that the product is defective.

3. The product on/off switch has also had a quick double-click function. It is also a product specifically designed to prevent children from using it. Because children under 5 years old can't do double-click action under 200 milliseconds. Therefore, when you double-click the product switch, you need to double-click the switch quickly.