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UVC LED Sterilizer Anti-virus

UVC LED Sterilizer Anti-virus
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Product Description

UVC LED Sterilizer Anti-virus


Product No.: SKA-200

Effective range of anti-virus: within 2000mm diameter

Effective range of instant anti-virus: within 500mm diameter

UVC wavelength range: ?278nm

Optical power: 200450mW/cm2

Optical design: High-tech unique optical design adopted

Product power: 4W/ 8W/ 11.2W/ 22.4W

Operation mode: visual operation, mode selection, child protection lock

Battery type: 12V 2500MA/h incl. internal battery, external charger

Appearance dimensions: 4040185mm WHL

Weight: 340g

Classification: M, MS, H, HS

Efficiency of sterilization:

M type: working time between 0.07560s, sterilization rate of 99.9%

MS type: working time between 0.0130s, sterilization rate of 99.9%

H type: working time between 0.00712s, sterilization rate of 99.99%

HS type: working time between 0.0053s, sterilization rate of 100%

Use location of ultraviolet sterilizer:

KNOCK?Ultraviolet sterilizers are often used in public places, especially in high-end public shopping malls, toilets, and schools where many people gather.

Our portable ultraviolet sterilizers are exported to countries and regions:

In response to the impact of global new pneumonia, our products are also effective disinfection and sterilization products to deal with viruses and bacteria, and our export areas are very wide, such as: Europe, the United States, the Philippines, the Middle East and other countries.

Sterilization time of portable ultraviolet sterilizer:

Our portable sterilizer can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses in 10 seconds, which provides an effective guarantee for you and your family to stay away from the new coronavirus.

Why use portable UVC led sterilizer

Ultraviolet rays are a scientifically proven and reliable technology that can kill bacteria and viruses at the molecular level by killing them. Hospitals often use ultraviolet light to purify surgical equipment and operating rooms. Mini sterilizers use the same ultraviolet light to safely and quickly neutralize bacteria and viruses from the surface of commonly used small baby products, and have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure results.

Use conditions and methods of portable ultraviolet sterilizer:

Ultraviolet rays can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae and mycoplasma. Any surface contaminated with the above microorganisms, water and air can be disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet radiation has low energy and weak penetration, and can only kill directly irradiated microorganisms. Therefore, the disinfection site must be fully exposed to ultraviolet rays during disinfection.

Brand Name: KNOCK

When disinfecting rough surfaces such as paper and fabrics with ultraviolet light, the exposure time should be properly extended, and both sides should be exposed.

The most suitable temperature range for UV disinfection is 20-40 ° C. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the disinfection effect. The disinfection time can be extended appropriately. When used for air disinfection, the relative humidity of the disinfection environment is preferably less than 80%, otherwise it should be Properly extend the exposure time.

When ultraviolet rays are used to kill microorganisms protected by organic matter, the irradiation dose should be increased. Air and water suspended particles can also affect the disinfection effect.

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