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Buy Useful Cat Beds Online at Affordable Prices

Cats sleep twice as much as humans, and kittens sleep even more. A cat bed is a good choice for cat owners who want to help their kitties get the best rest. Like humans, cats also need adequate rest. Sleep interruptions or lack of sleep may be harmful to their health.

Various Types of Cat Beds

1. Basket wicker or plastic

A wicker basket is the most traditional type of cat bed. You can put a blanket or pillow in it to make your cat feel more comfortable. However, wicker baskets are difficult to clean but can be worn out easily from chewing and scratching. Thus, you can choose plastic ones and put soft fabrics or cushions inside. Also, this kind of cat bed is usually not very expensive.

2. Mat

A simple kitty mat is another economical choice. It may look as good as some luxurious cat beds, but we have found that many cats actually like those. In addition, there some heated models that can keep your cats warm in cold winters.

3. Enclosed

This type is also called igloo cat beds. They provide safety and security for animals as well as warmth and privacy, and they are one of the cats’ favorite types of beds, especially ones made of wicker.

4. Hammock

They are usually hung at high places or on the cat trees that enable cats to peek through the window or observe their surroundings.

Make sure your cat would not get tangled or trapped beneath a large blanket by putting the blanket on flat surfaces instead of in a small space such as a box.

Be careful with electric blankets as your cats could claw or bite through the electrical wires. Also, cats could get entangled by the power cord.

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