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Buy Cat Trees and Cat Towers Online at Affordable Prices

A cat tree, also referred to as a cat tower, cat stand, cat climbing tree, cat play stand, or cat structure, is an artificial structure for cats to play, entertain, relax, and sleep. Cat trees provide interaction areas with different height and complexity levels. Also, cats will gain a sense of security from the height of the tree, as they are able to enjoy one place that can only be used by them, i.e. a clear survey of their territory.

Why Cat Trees are Important for Your Cats

1. Cat trees combine vertical and horizontal areas

We live in a horizontal world, but cats are not limited to the horizontal side of life. Cats use horizontal and vertical aspects of the environment. In fact, they rely on vertical zones for safety, comfort, and entertainment. Providing vertical options for your cat in his territory is not only for entertainment but also an important part of feline life. One of the easiest ways to increase the vertical area is to use cat trees and towers.

When you have more than one cat at your home, placing cat trees will increase the chances of your cats getting along well with each other, as there would be enough space at cats’ “safety” heights. If the relationship between two cats in your house is very tense, then it is important for them to have private spaces on their own, and cat trees and towers would be smart choices to reduce the number of physical confrontations and tense deadlocks.

2. Cat trees help timid cats

If you have a timid cat at your home, a cat tree can provide him with a safe place to stay when he needs a hideaway place. On a high perch, the cat has a visual advantage because he can see more of his surroundings, which is important for him to feel secure. The elevated position also provides safety protection because the cat knows that he will not be “ambushed” from behind.

Why Do Cats Like Cat Trees

Indoor kitties love to climb up and spend time on cat trees. Perching high atop their cat tree enables them to take a nap, play, and watch what is happening inside the house. But why do so many cats like to be at high places at your home, look down and observe everything beneath them

1. Cats use height to ensure safety

Cats who live outside may choose to climb up trees so that they can observe what’s going on around them from a safe place. They may also use a tree to target prey or stay away from predators. This explains why your indoor fellows keep the same habits. By climbing high up onto their cat trees, your cats can perch and check out their surroundings, and they can also get away from things they do not like in the house. In fact, a cat tree might be a good way to reduce the conflicts between cats in your home, because it provides them with a place to escape and isolate.

2. Enrichment for happy cats

In short, cats like cat trees because it is fun for them to climb up. Kittens and adult cats like to use their bodies to balance and reach high places, which makes it a great form of exercise. If you buy a cat tree with built-in scratching posts, it would be easier for your cats to scratch their nails, and your furniture would be protected from being scratched.

Also, if there are hideaway places on the cat tree, your cats will gladly take advantage of the additional privacy whenever they want some quiet time.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Cat Tree and Cat Tower For Your Cat

1. Capacity

Cats can be friendly with each other, but they may still show territorial behaviors. Cats would usually claim a room or a piece of furniture as a part of their territory. When another cat or dog approaches it, they would stand their ground, which may lead to vocalization and even physical fighting. In order to avoid such unpleasant moments, it would be ideal to provide enough territorial space for every cat in the family. However, this cannot always come true. Therefore, a cat tree is the best choice to provide extra space vertical direction for cats. When looking for a cat tree, make sure that there are enough perches, condos, or platforms to provide enough spaces for your feline friends...

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