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Buy Useful Cat Scratching Posts Online at Affordable Prices

Finding the best scratching post for your cat can be frustrating and expensive. You may end up buying quite a few cat posts, but your cats basically ignore these scratching posts. Instead, they march on up to their favorite scratching post—the sofa. You may think that your cats are just not interested in scratching posts, but that may not be the case.

One of the common misunderstandings is that many cat owners choose scratch posts that are attractive to themselves, rather than considering what is attractive to the kitties. A little knowledge goes a long way in finding the right scratching post for your cats. The trick is to choose a scratching post from the cats’ perspective.

Why Does Your Cat like to Scratch

There are two reasons why cats scratch on things: grind their nails and mark their territories. In order to protect your furniture from being damaged, you should provide your cat with a scratching post and teach them how to use it.

One thing that scratching posts provide is a rough surface that cats can pull and tear. Once you see the damage they can do to a post, you might want to thank yourself for investing money in this, rather than in some expensive furniture repairs.

How to Attract Cats to Scratch Posts

Instead of using deterrent sprays, provide a cat scratching post where the cats can safely and pleasantly practice normal scratching behaviors.

When choosing scratching posts, please also consider the following priorities:

The right height: choose posts that are sturdy and tall enough for your cat to reach up and stretch while scratching.

The proper material: Sisal rope, corrugated cardboard, carpet, or wood are good choices check out details about different materials below.

Also, to make your cats love a new scratcher, place it next to places where the cats like to stay at, e.g. their sleeping beds. Get a scratching routine started by gently helping your cat do scratching motions and reward immediately.

Try to stop your cats from climbing and scratching at places other than scratching posts by redirecting them to the scratcher. Reward or praise your cat for using the post. Consistency is the key.

Besides, Posts should be in prominent areas in your home, not the basement. Cats often scratch when they wake up from a nap, so put a cat near its sleeping area.

In order to attract your cats to the post, you can use catnip. Sprinkle catnip and take time near the post to encourage your cat to interact with the scratcher.

The most important step is to reward the cat every time the cat uses the post. Have yummy food treats ready for the cat whenever you see her scratching the post.

What is the Best Cat Scratching Post Material

There are various materials you can choose from for a cat scratching post. Many of them are designed to look attractive to humans, however, which means that they might not be as useful.

Some cats prefer simple logs. For others, a piece of corrugated cardboard mounted on a piece of wood works just fine. Although most pre-made posts are covered with carpet, this may not be the best material. Cats can get their claws stuck in the fabric loops and stop using the post as a result. Try attaching the carpet upside down or using other materials like upholstery fabric that are more “shreddable.”

Cats usually like materials that can be shredded under their nails. Studies have shown that in nature, cats like to mark their territory with traces of long shreds. Such an original impulse still determines their preference for certain materials.

Natural sisal is a good material and the most common material to make scratching surfaces. Sisal can be easily shredded by cats’ nails in a pleasing way.

Sisal is usually used in two forms, sisal rope, and sisal fabric. Sisal rope often appears on cat scratching posts, but cats really do seem to prefer sisal fabric, which allows better shredding. Cats can easily draw their nails down the fabric, yet still having a good grip. The texture and resistance feel great to the kitty's paws. Sisal rope does not always allow for a continual vertical shredding motion. Instead, the cat will be disturbed due to the rope entanglement. The kitty would be interrupted by the ridge between the rope layers.

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