Sustainability, fashions commitment, and responsibility – Part II

(Part II), Part I can be found here, Sustainability, basics, education, and the journey – Part One The Fashion Industry So what does the information in the previous article have to do... Read more »

Sustainability, basics, education, and the journey – Part I

(Part I) Reporting from the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference, which was held in Vancouver, B.C. from October 15th – 18th, 2019.    Every year the conference changes the location and continues to... Read more »

The future of Sustainability and Near Shoring

Two decades ago, the USA and European apparel brands and retailers rushed to shift production to Asia to gain a cost advantage.  Now they are moving production to better cost-efficient regions with... Read more »

The opportunities for sustainability in a circular economy

Exploring the growth of sustainability, environmental practices, and capitalizing on business opportunities in the retail industry to save our planet.  REI increased their product presence in the circular economy: a part of... Read more »

Embracing a Circular Economy

What plays into a sustainable future in a circular economy?  How do we make daily choices to be engaged in a circular economy?  Can a company be profitable in a circle economy? ... Read more »