Signing Day – Details of Phase One Trade Deal

The Phase One trade deal signed on Wednesday includes pledges by China to buy US$200 billion of US goods over two years in four industries. The president said the U.S. and China... Read more »

China and America Phase-One Trade Negotiations

Last week there have been lots of media coverage concerning the final details about the USA and China Trade War and the 86-page Phase One Agreement.   The phase-one deal has been announced... Read more »

Hong Kong’s turmoil and the China-USA trade negotiations

How does the trade war interact with the protests in Hong Kong, and the new Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that was passed into Congress last week by a vote... Read more »

Exploring positive changes in Canada under the USMCA

The USMCA is a boon to Canadian Innovators and creators.   With better protection of IP protecting ideas, skills, and lucrative business ventures.  It is believed that Canada will attain a greater degree... Read more »

Exploring Business and the USMCA in the USA

U.S. textile manufacturers generated $18.3 billion in value in 2016, make yarns and fabrics from raw materials such as cotton and various man-made fibers The United States is a significant producer of... Read more »

Opportunities and the importance of USMCA

The importance of trade between the USA and Mexico, exploring the Mexican statistics, the culture, the exports, and the USMCA. U.S. goods and services trade with Mexico totaled an estimated $671.0 billion... Read more »

Trump imposes a tariff on remaining $300 billion

This morning Donald Trump tweeted about the constructive conversations about a future trade deal with China as the worlds two largest economies try to ease tensions.  Donald sounds optimistic about the future... Read more »

Is Vietnam next on Tariffs and a Trade War?

Vietnam has been one of the world’s biggest US-China trade war winners, as global supply chains shift production away from tariff-hit China and towards the low-cost Southeast Asian nation.  But it may... Read more »

Seize the opportunity to secure your China Tariff Exclusion Now

This article was previously published by the Harris Bricken Law Firm, you can find the original article here “Get Going on Your China Tariff Exclusion Requests Now“. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)... Read more »

How to manage your business through the trade war

The trade war between the USA and China is having a serious effect on all suppliers, buyers, and industry professionals.   It is causing lots of hardship and added costs to everyone.   Tariffs... Read more »