Strong Government Support for Indian Textile Industry

  India’s textiles sector is one of the oldest industries dating back several centuries. Today, the industry employs over 45 million workers and 60 million indirectly. It accounts for 15% of the... Read more »

US Textile Industry

The positive growth of the US Textile Industry Textiles manufacturing is one of many industries negatively affected by increased competition from the decline of the U.S. manufacturing sector, particularly from the competition... Read more »

Signing Day – Details of Phase One trade deal

The phase-one trade deal signed on Wednesday includes pledges by China to buy US$200 billion of US goods over two years in four industries. The president said the U.S. and China are... Read more »

Innovation in textiles and apparel

Asia New Innovation and Sustainability in Textiles Asia is the International hub for the textile and apparel industry. Asian suppliers are the greatest contributors to the global textile market. By 2025, the... Read more »

The positive future of Sustainability and Organic Cotton

I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the “Organic Cotton Round Table” (OCRT) event at the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference. At the start of the round table, there were many accolades... Read more »

Sustainability, fashions commitment, and responsibility – Part II

(Part II), Part I can be found here, Sustainability, basics, education, and the journey – Part One The Fashion Industry So what does the information in the previous article have to do with... Read more »

Sustainability, basics, education, and the journey – Part I

(Part I) Reporting from the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference, which was held in Vancouver, B.C. from October 15th – 18th, 2019. Every year the conference changes the location and continues to grow.  Last year’s... Read more »

Innovative Ideas For Business Opportunities in South Asia

South Asia has an emerging and rising economy with ideal business opportunities. In this article, I explore opportunities and challenges in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. India In India, the middle class is... Read more »

Myanmar emerging economy with growth and opportunities

The garment industry in Myanmar has grown significantly in the past five years, from an export value of USD $900 million in 2012 to USD $2.7 billion in 2017.  Footwear exports during... Read more »

The Expert Advantages of Turkey in Textiles and Apparel

Turkey has a long history of textile manufacturing, that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It remains one of the world’s most important countries in the global textile and apparel industry. Turkey... Read more »