The Resurgence of “Made in America”

The notion of bringing manufacturing back to America has ended free trade agreements, started a trade war and won an election. More than a desire for the “Made in America” label, other... Read more »

Drop Shipping Platforms

Drop shipping is a fulfillment method that allows retailers to sell merchandise directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Its rise in popularity is because retailers don’t have to keep merchandise in... Read more »

Go Green with Consolidated Shipping

The rise in e-commerce is leaving a massive carbon footprint.  It’s not just the increased ground and air transportation of goods, but one-time use packaging that are pressing concerns. Traditional shipping methods... Read more »

How to retain the best Vendors

Strategies for finding, securing, and retaining the best vendors. In business as in sports, it’s best to have top-level professionals for staff, consultants, and vendors who fully understand all stages, processes, and... Read more »

Key elements of PLM (Product Life-cycle Management)

What is happening where, why is it happening there, when will it actually be made, and who are the best vendors for your business needs and what is really happening when you... Read more »

Embracing a Circular Economy

What plays into a sustainable future in a circular economy?  How do we make daily choices to be engaged in a circular economy?  Can a company be profitable in a circle economy? ... Read more »

Everything you need to know about TRADE

The world of trade and the complexities of trading and management of products or services.   Otherwise known as sourcing, your supply chain, purchasing, PLM (product lifecycle management), and the business of buying... Read more »

Automation in the Supply Chain

In a digital world, fashion remains one of the most labor-intensive industries. For decades, the industry has had to continuously follow the regions in which labor was the most cost-effective. This has... Read more »

Top Ten: E-commerce Platforms

When running an e-commerce business, its platform impacts brand image, functionality, and scalability over the long term. Here are the top ten choice best online store starter solutions for e-commerce in the... Read more »

Nearshoring for a Sustainable Future

The tides have shifted. The new modern consumer is increasingly “woke.” There is a growing awareness of how their buying preferences have an impact that reaches much further than their wallet.  The... Read more »

Rising Sourcing Costs Will Affect Margins

The apparel and textile industry is one fraught with razor-thin margins. Its increasingly tricky trajectory involves staying on top of fickle consumer demand and navigating a flagging retail landscape. Now, the issue... Read more »