The Resurgence of “Made in America”

The notion of bringing manufacturing back to America has ended free trade agreements, started a trade war and won an election. More than a desire for the “Made in America” label, other... Read more »

Drop Shipping Platforms

Drop shipping is a fulfillment method that allows retailers to sell merchandise directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Its rise in popularity is because retailers don’t have to keep merchandise in... Read more »

Go Green with Consolidated Shipping

The rise in e-commerce is leaving a massive carbon footprint.  It’s not just the increased ground and air transportation of goods, but one-time use packaging that are pressing concerns. Traditional shipping methods... Read more »

The Corona Virus Threatens the Global Apparel Industry

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a global epidemic with unprecedented effects on the Asia and International Supply Chains that go beyond the health threats.  Many factories are not allowed to return to work... Read more »

Strong Government Support for Indian Textile Industry

India’s textile sector is one of the oldest industries dating back several centuries. Today, the industry employs over 45 million workers and 60 million indirectly.   It accounts for 15% of the nation’s... Read more »

Asia New Innovation and Sustainability in Textiles

Asia is the International hub for the textile and apparel industry. Asian suppliers are the greatest contributors to the global textile market.  By 2025, the global textile market will be valued at... Read more »

The growth, opportunities, and risks in Ethiopia Production

There has been plenty of talk in the international apparel community about the growth of Ethiopia as the “new kid on the block” in the apparel and textile industries. The government has... Read more »

Signing Day – Details of Phase One Trade Deal

The Phase One trade deal signed on Wednesday includes pledges by China to buy US$200 billion of US goods over two years in four industries. The president said the U.S. and China... Read more »

The positive growth of the US Textile Industry

Textile manufacturing is one of many industries negatively affected by increased competition from the decline of the U.S. manufacturing sector, particularly from the competition of foreign cotton importers.  Employment at textile and... Read more »

The Growth of Hemp Fiber processing in the USA

The U.S. hemp industry was made possible due to the passage of the federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018.   This has increased the demand for both hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products, growers... Read more »

China and America Phase-One Trade Negotiations

Last week there have been lots of media coverage concerning the final details about the USA and China Trade War and the 86-page Phase One Agreement.   The phase-one deal has been announced... Read more »

Organic Cotton Proactive Planning by the People

This is Part II of the “Organic Cotton Round Table” (OCRT) event at the Textile Exchange Sustainability Conference.  We start by exploring the ideas of the moderator and panel of speakers.  Please... Read more »

Massive fire in New Delhi kills 43 workers

A tragic fire started early on Sunday morning well many victims slept in beds, resting between shifts at the factory in New Delhi.  At this present moment, there are 43 people dead... Read more »